Arolla Valley


Start of Virtual Field Trip

Arolla Valley


This virtual field trip provides an opportunity to explore the landscape in the upper Arolla valley, mostly between the bridge and the area in the vicinity of the glacier snout (which is poorly defined). There are additional sites higher on the western slopes, above the village of Arolla, that can be accessed via links (hotspots) from the first site in the virtual field trip. These provide views of the Tsijiore Nouve glacier and part of the Arolla valley.

The imagery for sites 1 – 27 was acquired in June 2017, with additional imagery (sites 28 – 48) collected in June 2018.




This resource will be developed further over the next 12-24 months, with additional routes, video and the inclusion of 3D models of small landforms.

Dr Des McDougall

Dr Des McDougall

I'm a Physical Geographer at the University of Worcester (England, UK). Interests include mountain glaciers, mountain geomorphology and Quaternary environmental change. I'm also interested in the use of virtual reality in teaching.

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Arolla Valley


Geolocation data for each stop in the virtual field trip:

Google Earth file (.kml)

Spreadsheet (.csv)

Useful websites:

Swisstopo (Access to current and historic mapping, as well as other data, from the Swiss national mapping service. TIP: You can drag KML files onto the map)

Swiss Glacier Monitoring Network (Length variation measurements for the Bas Arolla glacier)

EBIBALPIN (This is a searchable database of resources for the Arolla and Ferpècle valleys. The resources include scientific publications, data, maps and photographs, and all are geolocated. This resource was produced by staff at the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment, University of Lausanne.)

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