Grande Dixence

Valais, Switzerland
Grande Dixence virtual field trip


The Grande Dixence Dam is situated at the head of the Val d’Hérémence in Valais, SW Switzerland. The dam, which at 285 m is the tallest in Europe, is part of the Cleuson-Dixence hydroelectric power complex. Completed in 1961, the dam generates 2,000 GWh annually, which is enough to power 400,000 households.

This virtual field trip is very short. It will be expanded in due course.

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Grande Dixence Virtual Field Trip


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Dr Des McDougall (BSc, PhD, SFHEA)

I'm a Physical Geographer at the University of Worcester (England, UK). Interests include mountain glaciers, mountain geomorphology and Quaternary environmental change. I'm also interested in the use of virtual reality in teaching.

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