Lake District, NW England
Mosedale virtual field trip


Mosedale is located at Wasdale Head in the western Lake District, NW England. This virtual field trip provides an opportunity to walk along the eastern side of Mosedale and up through Black Sail Pass, with views down into Ennerdale to the north. Younger Dryas moraines in Mosedale and Ennerdale can be seen, but only from a distance. However, a range of valley side and valley floor features are clearly visible, including talus and debris flow tracks.

The imagery was acquired in May 2017. This virtual field trip may be extended if time and finances allow.

The field area is discussed in Chapter 14 in the following publication: McDougall, D.A. and Evans, D.J.A. (eds) (2015) The Quaternary of the Lake District: Field Guide. Quaternary Research Association, London.


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Mosedale Virtual Field Trip


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Dr Des McDougall (BSc, PhD, SFHEA)

I'm a Physical Geographer at the University of Worcester (England, UK). Interests include mountain glaciers, mountain geomorphology and Quaternary environmental change. I'm also interested in the use of virtual reality in teaching.

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