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I am grateful to the following organisations for funding this project to date: University of Worcester (School of Science and the Environment Learning and Teaching Fund), the Quaternary Research Association, and the British Society for Geomorphology. Funding is used for travel, equipment and software.

I am also grateful to various individuals who have supported and encouraged my virtual fieldwork interests over the years. At Worcester, these include Ian Maddock, Heather Barrett, Alan Dixon, John Newbury, Mike Wheeler and Liz Davies-Ward. Ian and I have also benefited from collaboration and support from colleagues at the University of California at Davis, including Sarah Yarnell, Ryan Peek and Nick Santos.

I’d also like to thank my colleagues in IT for providing me with early access to a new WordPress server, fielding a number of technical queries, and generally providing excellent support.

Finally, thanks to all the wonderful students at Worcester for their feedback and good humour over many years.

Des McDougall
Worcester, UK.

Latest Posts

New virtual field trips coming soon

After something of a hiatus due to the pandemic, I’m pleased to announce that there will be two new virtual field trips added to the site soon. One is a guided virtual field trip to Cwm Idwal (Snowdonia National Park, North Wales), which has been produced in collaboration with Dr Lynda Yorke (Bangor). This will

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EFL Showcase 2020 In September I gave a presentation at the 10th Annual Showcase for the Enhancing Fieldwork Learning project, expertly hosted by the University of Chester. You can watch a recording of my talk above. Perhaps more usefully, the following link takes you to a YouTube playlist where you can watch any or all of the

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Can you help?

In order to support the ongoing development of this site, it would be really helpful if you could let me know why and how you use the resource. I’d also appreciate hearing any ideas you may have for improvements. Thank you!


This website allows you to explore glaciers and glaciated landscapes using virtual field trips. High quality, 360 degree interactive panoramas (panospheres) allow you to look all around and zoom in on features of interest – a bit like Google Streetview ©.

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