New virtual field trip – Deepdale, Lake District

Although new to this site, the Deepdale virtual field trip has been available to University of Worcester students since 2014. It’s a really interesting location, not least because of the fabulous moraines along the valley floor. For more information on Deepdale, see the Quaternary Research Field Guide to the Lake District (McDougall and Evans, 2015).

Picture of Des McDougall

Des McDougall

I’m a Physical Geographer at the University of Worcester. I am interested in both the technology and pedagogy associated virtual fieldwork, but with a clear bias towards how it is used in teaching.

Revised Cwm Idwal virtual field trip

Until now, all the virtual field trips on VR Glaciers have been self-guided. That is, they are provided without interpretation. I have taken this approach because it provides the flexibility

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EFL Showcase 2020

In September I gave a presentation at the 10th Annual Showcase for the Enhancing Fieldwork Learning project, expertly hosted by the University of Chester. You can watch a recording of

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screenshot of VR Glaciers video

New Video

This video provides a short overview of VR Glaciers and Glaciated Landscapes. It has captions, so if you don’t like the music or my voice (or both), there is a

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