New virtual field trips coming soon

After something of a hiatus due to the pandemic, I’m pleased to announce that there will be two new virtual field trips added to the site soon. One is a guided virtual field trip to Cwm Idwal (Snowdonia National Park, North Wales), which has been produced in collaboration with Dr Lynda Yorke (Bangor). This will include some interpretation and guidance, but it will not be a spoon-fed, passive experience. It will likely be available in more than one version, to cater for different audiences. The other virtual field trip is to Deepdale in the Lake District (NW England).

Next year, I hope to add some more Alps-based virtual field trips, including a guided one to a glacier. The fieldwork for this should have taken place last year but lockdowns and travel restrictions intervened.

I will also add some ‘getting started’ videos to the home page, which itself will also benefit from a light refresh.

When? I’m way behind on preparations for the new teaching year, but I’ll try and make these changes by the end of October 2021. As always, I’ll advertise their availability on Twitter.

Des McDougall

Des McDougall

I’m a Physical Geographer at the University of Worcester. I am interested in both the technology and pedagogy associated virtual fieldwork, but with a clear bias towards how it is used in teaching.

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