AROLLA VALLEY – time-travel to 2006!

Approaching the Bas Arolla Glaciers snout in 2006. Compare with the 2017 imagery on this site.

I was looking through some old files, when I stumbled upon some virtual fieldwork photos from 2006. The quality reflects the equipment I was using at that time (a Canon 350D), although I was able to improve upon the original imagery by re-processing in my currently workflow.

There are 14 sites, extending from Satarma all the way to the proglacial zone of the Haut Arolla glacier. The three in the vicinity of the Bas Arolla Glacier provide striking comparisons with the same locations today (accessible via the main virtual field trip).

If you want to travel back in time and visit the Arolla Valley in 2006, follow the link under ‘Additional Resources’ in the virtual field trip home page.

Des McDougall

Des McDougall

I’m a Physical Geographer at the University of Worcester. I am interested in both the technology and pedagogy associated virtual fieldwork, but with a clear bias towards how it is used in teaching.

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