Welcome to the new site

It’s taken a while, but the refreshed VR Glaciers and Glaciated Landscapes site is ready!

What’s new?

  • Additional virtual field trips in California (Tuolumne Meadows and Big Pine) and Switzerland (Roseg Valley and Grande Dixence Dam).
  • New links to the USGS National Map (for the California virtual field trips) and to the updated Swiss Glacier Monitoring Network website, plus additional geolocation data.
  • Refreshed design throughout, especially on the homepage (to make virtual field trips easier to browse).
  • Easier to find on Google. Well, it should be – time will tell. The old site did not appear on Google searches at all, possibly due to a combination of factors at site and server level. In the end, I decided to go for a complete site re-build from scratch, using different tools.

Other changes

The forum has gone for now. I’ll bring it back if there is a demand, but in the meantime I can probably deal with queries and requests by email.

Future developments

  • I have an old virtual field trip for the Arolla Valley (from 2008), which I will make available sometime soon. The change in the terminus of the Bas Arolla Glacier is dramatic, as you’d expect.
  • I’d like to extend the Moiry Glacier virtual field trip, and I hope to be able to do so this summer if I can find time. I’ll include some additional glacier surface sites.
  • I will produce some more worksheets for school and university use, including one with a more glaciological emphasis.
  • I’m keen to start producing some 360 degree video content for those sites that warrant it. I’ll need to get the kit for this first, though…


I’m always happy to receive suggestions and offers of help to develop this resource further. Please do get in touch.


The ‘Can you help?’ contact forms didn’t work on the launch of the new site (7/8 March 2019). They are working now. Apologies if you tried to send me something – nothing got through.

Des McDougall

Des McDougall

I’m a Physical Geographer at the University of Worcester. I am interested in both the technology and pedagogy associated virtual fieldwork, but with a clear bias towards how it is used in teaching.

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This website allows you to explore glaciers and glaciated landscapes using virtual field trips. High quality, 360 degree interactive panoramas (panospheres) allow you to look all around and zoom in on features of interest – a bit like Google Streetview ©.

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