New virtual field trip – Deepdale, Lake District

Although new to this site, the Deepdale virtual field trip has been available to University of Worcester students since 2014. It’s a really interesting location, not least because of the fabulous moraines along the valley floor. For more information on Deepdale, see the Quaternary Research Field Guide to the Lake District (McDougall and Evans, 2015).

New Moiry Valley virtual field trip

There is an updated virtual field trip for the Moiry Valley. This is one of the most popular sites on VR Glaciers, no doubt because of the spectacular landscape and the opportunity to step (virtually) onto the glacier. Since the original virtual field trip was developed, the glacier has undergone dramatic changes in its lower reaches. … Read more

Revised Cwm Idwal virtual field trip

Until now, all the virtual field trips on VR Glaciers have been self-guided. That is, they are provided without interpretation. I have taken this approach because it provides the flexibility for the same virtual field trip to be used in different ways. During the pandemic, for example, I heard how the Arolla virtual field trip … Read more

New virtual field trips coming soon

After something of a hiatus due to the pandemic, I’m pleased to announce that there will be two new virtual field trips added to the site soon. One is a guided virtual field trip to Cwm Idwal (Snowdonia National Park, North Wales), which has been produced in collaboration with Dr Lynda Yorke (Bangor). This will … Read more

EFL Showcase 2020

In September I gave a presentation at the 10th Annual Showcase for the Enhancing Fieldwork Learning project, expertly hosted by the University of Chester. You can watch a recording of my talk above. Perhaps more usefully, the following link takes you to a YouTube playlist where you can watch any or all of the other … Read more

New Video

screenshot of VR Glaciers video

This video provides a short overview of VR Glaciers and Glaciated Landscapes. It has captions, so if you don’t like the music or my voice (or both), there is a fall-back for you.

Coming Soon: Additional Teaching Resources

I’m aware that one of the consequences of the Covid-19 outbreak has been a temporary shift to online teaching. I’m mindful of this, and I am currently in the process of putting together additional teaching resources that I hope will help. These are aimed at universities in the first instance, but they could be adapted … Read more

Article in ‘Geography’ on VR Glaciers

I wrote an article about VR Glaciers and Glaciated Landscapes that appears in the Autumn 2019 edition of ‘Geography’, published by the Geographical Association.  It includes some suggestions as to how the resource can be used in the classroom. Examples include landform and landscape interpretation exercises; studying glacier response to climate change; spatial literacy, GIS … Read more

Col du Sanetsch – another virtual field trip

Why not have a look at the newly-launched Sanetsch Pass virtual field trip? As always, there is plenty to see, including impressive alpine scenery. Those more interested in human activities also have something to look at, with settlements, tourism, and other things to contemplate. One thing you will not see, unfortunately, is the Tsanfleuron Glacier. … Read more

Using VR Headsets

We will be exploring the use of VR Headsets in the coming year, starting with the recently released Oculus Quest. We have already been able to establish that it does not work when viewing our virtual field trips in immersive mode. This is a technical issue that we will address in the coming year. In … Read more